Sometime you just need to look up in Glasgow to see the beauty.



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I took these photos for a college photography brief, which turns out I didn't need to do. Although I did enjoy wandering around the city with no plan finding hidden gems which I wouldn't have seen or found otherwise. The sunny day helped too.

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So I didnt really photograph this dish much, mainly because I ate most of it before thinking about it – it was that tasty. So we have two poor mobile photos of it, but please don't let that put you off.


This is actually a play on one of Gordon Rasmsey’s recipes for Herby Butterbean Salad. Here is a video of him making it, at the 18 minute point. I found it whilst looking for a different salad recipe in his book. I had a tin of butterbeans in the cupboard for god knows what other dish I had in mind so thought what the hey. 

I didnt have (or like) all the ingredients asked for in the original recipe so changed them for what I wanted and had.

8 Large Cherry Tomatoes (I used sugardrop variety)
Half a cucumber
2 Spring Onions
1 Tin of Butterbeans
Small Bunch of Parsley
Small Bunch of Mint
Seeds from half a Pomegranate
2 Teaspoons of Sumac
Olive Oil
1 Lime
Pitta bread/Wrap/Flatbread

Chop everything up (except the beans and pomegranate seeds, they go in whole!) and put into a bowl.
Add the sumac and grate the zest of the lime over.
Add the juice of half the lime (to start, you can add more later)
Add a glug of olive oil and mix everything together.
Season to taste.
Now slice your flat bread into small squares and fry in a hot pan with a little oil to make crispy “croutons”.
Season with salt and add to your salad.

Eat and enjoy.


I had this on its own but would be a great BBQ salad or served alongside chicken whenever.
Let me know if you make it, I think this will feature a few more times this summer.

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I do like a little mooch round Paperchase every now and then. And I always end up buying an amusing card or two whenever I go.


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I love a good pun or naughty joke. Most of these are "decorating" (read lying about) the study, I should really post them people.

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I am a sucker for new bedding. The feeling of climbing into a newly made bed after a hot shower, ahhhh bliss.

We already have a cupboard full of bedding but some of it has seen better days and the sets have all become missed matched. Actually the bedding we have on our bed just now, the pillowcases don't match – ooops. I find it difficult to keep the the sets together mainly cause I'm rubbish at keeping on top of the laundry, I have even tried this method without much luck.

I have rounded up a few bed sets that have caught my eye, all from BHS and currently in the sale! The second one I would reverse and have the yellow side up which would look fun in our grey bedroom. I also love the blue and pink stripes of the last set.

All pictures linked to BHS website.

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Okay so I have been missing for some time, just under a year. So what have I been doing?
When I left you I was working in HMV second time round and pretty much hating every moment of it. Whilst looking for a job and not getting very far I was toying with the idea of going to college to learn patisserie. After thinking about it for a while and discussing it with Ciaran I realised it wouldn't be the best choice. Whilst looking though, I found another course which interested me. After a few days I had applied and a few days later I had an interview date.
A couple of weeks of desperately trying to build up a portfolio (after throwing out ALL of my old college work when moving) and a quick interview I was going to be a mature student. Time to start looking for a new part time job in town and to plan a holiday or two.

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We had two lovely holidays, one to Spain and another to Paris. Lots of pastries and ice cream were consumed. We ordered a new kitchen, which started as a quick trip to B&Q for something else. My hairdresser stopped being a hairdresser so my hair grew crazy big, but I have sinced got it tamed.
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So by September I was a student again, back in college and back working in a coffee shop! haha. The coffee work fits into my schedule better and it suits me just now, so ill go with it. Our kitchen was ripped out and replaced with a beautiful new one. Halloween came and went with lots of sweets and a party. November brought the Pret Christmas sandwich back! I had my fair share.
Then it was Christmas, a quiet one just the both of us, with a quick visit from friends. I made a few new year goals, one of which is to make more from my various cookery books and ripped out recipies from magazines. This goal is a fun one and thinking about it now, I think our cooking has been mixed up a bit more than normal.

A new block in college, which I didn't enjoy as much as the first one. But the third block looks good, photography and sign designing are some of my classes. Pretty new trainers were bought in the sale and dungarees too, to continue my trend of dressing like a toddler. Nights out roller skating were had with me taking a dramatic fall. Planning the biggest and best hen party. A quick trip down south and meeting an old friend. Ciarans mum has moved back to Scotland after five years in the Caribbean so we had a visit from her on her way back and tried to acclimatise her back to Scotland.

That is a very condensed version of the past year and now Ill try keep up here too as I have missed it.

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